Welcome to Mirror.

We are going to set up Mirror by completing the following four steps below one at a time.

1. Add Mirror to your Slack workspace.

To add Mirror to you Slack workspace click the button below. You will need to sign in/already be signed in order to add Mirror to the workspace.

2. Download Mirror for Apple TV.

Launch the App Store on your Apple TV and download the Mirror app.

Once downloaded, open the app and click the “Begin setup” button. Follow the guide on the Apple TV app or follow the instructions below.

3. Connect Mirror to your Slack channel.

Depending on if you are connecting Mirror to a public or private channel will need to type in either one or two commands to connect Mirror.


If connecting to a private channel.

When adding Mirror to a private channel you will need to invite the Mirror app manually before connecting the device.

Type the following commands into your Slack channel (one at a time).

1. Type in: /invite @Mirror

 2. Type in: /mirror-connect [code] 
(The code is provided from your Apple TV.)


If connecting to a public channel.

Type the following command into your Slack channel.

1. Type in: /mirror-connect [code] 
(The code is provided from your Apple TV.)

4. Verify that Mirror is working.

Post an image/video/gif that you love to the channel and it will magically appear on your connected screen.



You should now have a working connection between your slack channel and your connected screen. If not please shoot us an email so we can help out.


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Have Questions or comments?

Email: hi@getmirrorapp.com
Instagram: @getmirrorapp

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