Put your brand on display


Digital billboards for all your spaces


Take care of everything from anywhere in real time

We believe that managing all your branded content across all your connected screens should be easy. With the power of a cloud based media player, collaborative publishing possibilities and real time editing we let you take control of your spaces and narratives.


The relaxing space

Give your guests a warm welcome using Mirror and show them everything they need to know during their stay.


The event space

Let Mirror be a professional extension of your showroom or event experience. You can choose to show your content both in portrait and landscape mode depending on your needs.


The creative space

Make any space visually align with your business, whether you’re running a coffee shop, fashion store or an art gallery.


The office space

Engage your employees by letting them share their stories. Whether it’s posting a picture of the cute office dog or showing off your latest work in a showreel. Let everyone be a part of creating the company culture.


Built for Apple TV.


Say good bye to USB-sticks.

Mirror is cloud based which means no more USB-sticks. Manually transferring your content from a computer to a display, like it’s Y2K, is a thing of the past. Just upload your images, videos and gifs and let them come alive on your screens.


Made to be invisible.

We believe that your content should take the center stage. That is why Mirror disappears in the background after the initial setup. Think of us as your little helper that does all the heavy lifting to make you shine.


A collaborative in-house billboard.

Mirror connects to your Slack workspace letting multiple people, no matter where they are, contribute with their images, videos and gifs. Mirror automagically turns your posts into a beautiful feed that is displayed on your connected screen. Easy and fast.


Framing your content in higher definition.

Mirror is built for Apple TV (4th generation and later) which means you can show your content in crisp Full HD or even crisper 4K definition.


Mirror for your business.

Want to know more? Let's have a digital coffee and talk about what Mirror can do for you and your business.


We are building a digital billboard solution for all your spaces. Meet the team.

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